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Welcome to eZ Platform


eZ Platform


This is the clean install coming with eZ Platform. It’s a barebone setup of the platform, an excellent foundation to build upon if you want to build from scratch. For more ready to go base designs or demo sites, please check the documentation.


Welcome to eZ Platform

Congratulations, you just installed eZ Platform. eZ Platform is the new generation Content Management Platform from eZ Systems and the eZ Community replacing eZ Publish, our previous software.

Need some guidance?

Check out the following resources:

User Manual for eZ Platform (and eZ Studio)

Technical doc for eZ Platform

eZ Platform developer tutorial

Comparison guide between eZ Platform and eZ Publish Platform

Contribute to the project?

Join the community:

Github repositories open to the public

Register to the community on discuss.ezplatform.com, the community site, to access forums, tutorials and blogs

Join the conversation on the eZ Community Slack

Good luck!